About The Innovators Circle

A track of the Certificate Program in Experiential Jewish Education, the Yeshiva University Innovators Circle is a yearlong full time incubator project fellowship for graduates who have a vision and a venture that address local needs in the realm of education and social activism.

Innovators create, build and facilitate ventures – individually and collaboratively – while receiving ongoing mentorship and support from professionals at Yeshiva University.

Selected Innovators are equipped with skills, tools and resources that enable them to serve as agents of change and create sustainable programs that address real needs.

The innovators will also gain exposure and access to a vast network of leading figures and thinkers in social entrepreneurship, Jewish professional life, philanthropy, social action and education.

Innovators are based at Yeshiva University’s Center for the Jewish Future and will receive intensive mentoring, seed money and an annual stipend.

Innovators will receive a full scholarship to participate in the Certificate Program in Experiential Jewish Education.