Frequently Asked Questions


What are the eligibility requirements for the Certificate Program in Experiential Jewish Education?

To be eligible you must be an in-service Jewish educator with three years of relevant field experience and a minimum of B.A. degree (or equivalent).

When is the application deadline?

Monday, March 14 , 2016 at 9am ET.

What are the seminar dates for Cohort VI?

June 26–30, 2016 Seminar One: Imparting Values
November 14-20, 2016 Seminar Two: Creating Experiences
March 26–30, 2017 Seminars Three and Four: Cultivating Communities and Self Development
Thursday, March 30, 2017: Graduation

What is the cost of the program?

The tuition for the program is $3,900 plus a $350 registration fee.

What does tuition include?

In addition to the cost of the program, tuition covers travel (flights) to the seminars from within North America, lodging and meals during seminars and additional seminar-related expenses.

Is financial aid available?

Matching funds are available through our Workplace Integration program. For each $1000 paid for by an employing organization, we will match $300, up to $900.
In addition, limited scholarships are available. Please contact us to receive a scholarship form.

Who is the ideal candidate?

We believe that Experiential Jewish Education is a pedagogical philosophy that is not limited to a single Jewish educational setting or personality. Program participants and alumni include professionals working in schools, camps, community centers, youth groups, synagogues, college campuses, and other Jewish organizations.

How can I get nominated?

We accept nominations from professionals in the Jewish communal world who think you will benefit from, and contribute to, the program and who can attest to your skills and experience. Click here to complete a nomination form.

Can I apply even if I was not nominated?


What is the attendance policy? Will I have to leave my home/family for the duration of the seminars?

We have a strict attendance policy and expect that our participants be present at all seminars, at all times.

Are there additional obligations aside from attending the seminars?

Our program requires the completion of written assignments, an online seminar and readings between seminars, as well as participation in individual and group mentor meetings. You should expect to designate a maximum of seven hours per month to complete these requirements. We expect that our participants attend all online programming, and hand in all assignments in a timely fashion.

Where are the seminars located?

The first and last seminars are located in New York. Seminar Two will take place on the West Coast.

I have been a Jewish Educator for 10+ years, is this program for me?

Definitely. Experienced educators have greatly benefited from the innovative and methodological theories, practices and tools that the program offers. If you would like to speak with a program alumnus with 10+ years of experience, please contact us and we will connect you.

Will the program impact my workplace?

We highly value workplace integration and place a heavy emphasis on this throughout the program. As such, we require that your current work supervisor acknowledge your participation in the program and we invite and encourage her/him to take advantage of the opportunities that we offer to supervisors (courses, webinars, and other programs based on EJE content).If your institution is partnering with us, we will work with you and your supervisor/organization on an individual basis to help you create a strategy for integrating the program’s teachings within your workplace.

When do I find out if I’ve been accepted?

In late March.

What should I expect terms of Jewish practice?

While YU, an Orthodox institution, runs and hosts the program, it seeks and welcomes Jewish educators of all backgrounds and affiliations. The educational theories and practices imparted are relevant to educators regardless of their denominational or religious background. Our cohorts have benefited tremendously from the diverse backgrounds of the participating educators. If you would like to speak with a program alumnus about the program environment, please contact us and we will connect you.

Do I need a strong background in Jewish texts to apply?

No. However, a partnership program designed to enrich Jewish literacy exists with the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, Israel. Please contact us for more information.

I don’t work in the United States, can I apply?

Yes. We accept applicants from outside of North America. However, financial aid and travel subsidies are not available to participants who do not live in North America.


“I felt extremely grateful to be exposed to an incredible caliber of professionals, whether staff, mentors, speakers and fellow cohort members… I feel incredibly supported in this endeavor and it is refreshing to encounter educators who care as much about putting their teaching into action as they do about imparting the knowledge they teach.”

Shauna Waltman, Executive Director, UJA’s Community Connect, Toronto, Ontario, Canada