The Field

Experiential Jewish Education is the deliberate infusion of Jewish values and content into memorable, engaging and fun Jewish experiences that impact the formation of Jewish identity.

The philosophy behind Experiential Jewish Education maintains that purposeful Jewish living stems from powerful learning experiences that enable participants to embark on personal journeys of self-discovery, guided by Jewish tradition and values.

From teaching about Shmitta in a real-life greenhouse, to creating a Parsha Comics iPhone App, Experiential Jewish Education brings lessons to life. It has become one of the most powerful vehicles for conveying the depth and richness of Jewish life.

Whether at a school, college campus, summer camp, youth movement program or adult education group, experiential Jewish educators transform ordinary programs into dynamic, stimulating and fun learning opportunities that are based on core Jewish values.

Experiential Jewish Education is currently implemented through a variety of channels, including:

  • Social innovation
  • Student activities at schools
  • Summer camps
  • Service learning programs
  • Jewish life centers on college campuses
  • Youth groups
  • Formal classroom settings
  • Adult activities
  • Community centers
  • Jewish outreach initiatives
  • Rabbinic posts