Workplace Integration

With a firm belief that change can only come with a strong support system, the YU Certificate Program places a strong emphasis on institutional partnerships and workplace integration.

The success of the program participants lies not only in their mastery of EJE material, but also in their ability to implement what they have learned in their workplace.

To that end, the program works in close partnership with institutions of many kinds from across the country to support their employees throughout their time in the program.

Through these close partnerships, program participants are guided in how to apply and integrate what they learn in the Certificate Program, bringing new skills, ideas and energy to their workplace.

In 2013-14, Workplace Integration support has included a conference for supervisors and workshops (online and in person).

We give preference to applicants who apply with their institutions’ investment – professionally and financially. Below are some of the benefits of institutional partnerships and workplace integration:

  • Financial Incentive: We will match up to $900 of your financial investment to cover the tuition of your educator.
  • Workplace Integration: Your educator will be guided and coached through strategies to implement their learnings in the workplace. Additionally, organizations will be offered opportunities to learn EJE content through a separate “track” for supervisors.
  • Network of Peers: Your educator will become part of a broad network of Jewish Educators, allowing for field-wide cross-pollination.
  • Network of Experts: Your educator will meet and develop relationships with world-renowned educators and experts. These relationships can be extended to partnering institutions.
  • Resources: Your educator will benefit from access to content- and experience-based resources that they will then be able to share with their institutions.
  • Field Initiatives: The Certificate Program in Experiential Jewish Education holds a vibrant and bold vision for the field of Experiential Jewish Education. Initiatives such as field studies and surveys, conferences and cutting edge curricula are being developed under the auspices of the Certificate Program. Partnering institutions will be invited to experience and benefit from these initiatives.

To learn more, please contact Gaby Schoenfeld at

“Through Participation in the YU Certificate Program in Experiential Jewish Education, our senior staff member is gaining new insight, and is able to enrich the quality of experiential programming and deepen the professional development of educators in our community.”

Dr. Seymour Kopelowitz Executive Director, Jewish Education Center of Cleveland


“While I originally expected the impact of the program to be on Rabbi Pollack’s informal programming in the school, it has had perhaps a greater impact on his classroom. His students have cherished the change and have experienced learning halacha in a fresh, meaningful way. Seeing the benefits of an experiential type of learning, students of other teachers have now been requesting similar opportunities in their classes. The bar has been raised!”

Rabbi Avery Joel Principal, Stark High School Fuchs Mizrachi School