Why You Should Apply

If you are in the business of making a difference in Jewish lives, the Certificate Program in Experiential Jewish Education is for you.

Here are seven reasons why:

  1. It will help you manage and plan your career trajectory.
  2. It will give you language for that which you do innately – so that you can do it deliberately.
  3. It will enhance your charisma and creativity (which are subject to burnout) with knowledge and skill (which only get sharper with time).
  4. It will provide you with multi-disciplinary approaches for impacting and nurturing Jewish identity and community.
  5. It will give you access to some of the world’s most creative educators, artists and entrepreneurs.
  6. It will invite you to collaborate, network and learn with a cohort of passionate, dynamic and diverse Jewish educators.
  7. Because sixty talented and experienced educators from around the world have already done it, and it has changed their lives.


“It is so exhilarating to know that I have all of these new tools and new ways of thinking that I genuinely want to bring to my work and my life. It is a meaningful personal and professional challenge that will enrich my life both in the process and the product.”

Robby Charnoff, OU-JLIC Rabbi, Educator, and Co-Director at Queens College


“I really appreciate the way the program was designed and the diversity of the people in my cohort. Everything about this program was intentional and it was evident throughout. It challenged me as a participant and I am grateful for the opportunity to take time to learn and to meet people of such a high caliber.”

Dina Dryden, Associate Director, J. Academy Camp, Schwarz/Reisman Centre Toronto