The Curriculum

The curriculum is built into four modular seminars that focus on the foundational theories and practical applications of Experiential Jewish Education.

Each of these immersive seminars boasts a diverse faculty comprised of the finest scholars, rabbis, educators, practitioners, artists, communal leaders and facilitators from inside and outside the Jewish world.

Seminar One: Imparting Values

This course presents the history, models, praxis and theories that comprise the fields of Experiential Education and Experiential Jewish Education. It highlights the process of Jewish identity formation, the experiential learning cycles, and various philosophies regarding learner-centered education.

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Seminar Two: Creating Experiences

This course explores how experiential Jewish educators facilitate and engineer meaningful and identity-focused experiences for their learners. This seminar is the apex of practice; using Experiential Jewish Education methodologies, the participants create multi-sensory experiences designed to appeal to multiple intelligences and to diverse audiences.

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Seminar Three: Cultivating Communities

In this course, participants explore and define the nexus between the variety of audiences impacted by their work, including learners, families, donors, leaders and educators in the Jewish community.

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Seminar Four: Self Development

The fourth and final seminar focuses on two primary areas: participants learn to incorporate Experiential Jewish Education skills, tools, knowledge and traits into their practice, and participants fully explore their own selves as educators and individuals.

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In Between Seminars

The Certificate Program requires the completion of written assignments, an online seminar and readings between seminars, and offers individual and group mentoring and coaching meetings.

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