Yeshiva University

At Yeshiva University, our mission is to bring wisdom to life through all that we teach, by all that we do and for all those we serve.

We bring wisdom to life under the guide of Torah Umadda by combining the finest contemporary academic education with the timeless teachings of Torah. It is Yeshiva’s unique dual curriculum that teaches knowledge enlightened by values that helps our students gain the wisdom to make their lives both a secular and spiritual success.

Our students learn and go forth, as both educated and ethical people, to share their own special talents with society.

Our faculty’s research, academic work and scholarly writings help bring wisdom to many of the most pressing social, political, medical, legal and human rights issues facing the world today.

Our University serves as a platform to bring Yeshiva’s collective wisdom to the world through our community outreach, publications, seminars and broad range of academic programs.

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