Our Mission

The mission of the Certificate Program in Experiential Jewish Education is to give intentionality and deliberation to the field. While clearly impacting Jewish Identity through a variety of different settings, experiential Jewish education lacks theory, deliberate outcomes, and field-wide measures and metrics. Developing and infusing theory, goals and measures engenders a variety of benefits, most notably:

  1. It allows educators in the field to align their personal and organizational goals and outcomes with field-wide goals and outcomes.
  2. It provides educators with concrete measurements for success.
  3. It provides educators with content and curriculum unique to the goals of Experiential Jewish Education.
  4. It provides possibilities for a field-wide continuum by creating a connection between experiential education settings.
  5. It allows educators to see direct correlations amongst a variety of settings in experiential education, so that a lengthy career path is visible and can be carefully orchestrated and developed.